Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photo Fun

They say pictures can speak a thousand words (they do? that's scary, no telling what these pictures say). Let's just say I am having a "coming out" party. Oh come on now, not that kind of "coming out". I am "coming out" of my shell, trying to be more spontaneous. I have always been quite a bit outgoing and very extroverted, but only when I could show the "good side" of me. You know, the side where your double chin doesn't show, your makeup's perfect and your face is illuminated by lots and lots of candlelight. That's right, you know what I'm talking about. Don't tell me you haven't always wanted to be photographed on your "good side". Thank God for photo editing software. There were some pictures that I took, that actually showed nose hairs. For all of those crackpots, sorry those pictures will NOT be posted. I told Harris to look like he was "interested and to raise one eyebrow". He couldn't seem to raise just one eyebrow, so here is the result. Cute... Creative ingenuity... Flexible Adaptabilty...Sarcastic Brat!!
Is this scared or opera singing??
How about this one? Cool or a "wanna be"? I'll go with the "wanna be".
Finally's not my good side, but it's my fun side...
Have fun, be spontaneous, live life!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Twilight Obsession

I work at a scrapbook store twice a month to fund my addiction. My friends from the store, Tana and Rhonda (well mostly Tana) turned me on to the book series by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight. She told me it was about a "vegetarian" vampire that falls in love with a human girl. I love sci-fi and since I am female, throw in a little romance and I am hooked!! I had finished reading the first three books within a 4-5 week period, and I was begging for more!! I am a 43 y/o wife and mother of 4 and am in love with a 17 y/o vampire. But not just any vampire, I in love with the most beautiful, charming, amazing, wonderful, romantic, adventurous, and moral (moral - vampire: are not the most synomous words in the dictionary, but just trust me on this), gorgeous, irresistable vampire ever! My friends and I were "chomping" at the bit (not bite)for the 4th book to be released. We all went to the book party much to my 24 y/o daughter's embarrassment. She said, "Oh my god, we have one of those kind of people in our family!" While we were at the party, we stood in line to get a drink from their local Starbucks. There was a mom in front of us that had brought her daughter to the party and she had not read the books. We all told her how awesome the books were, but I had to warn her that reading the books could cause her to "hate her husband". After we got our drinks, we had to go searching for chairs because it was so crowded. There was an empty chair next to our table, but I figured it was being saved for someone because there was a lady sitting on the other side of the table. I was right. Her friend came and sat down next to us. I told her that I was about to take her chair, but figured it was saved, but had to tell her had Edward Cullen been there and needed a chair, I would have taken it in a "heartbeat" (get it...heartbeat - vampire...ok humor me, will you) She started "dying" (did you get that one too...Ok so not so funny) laughing because she said it was great to meet other ladies her age that were just as obsessed about these books as she was. She said, "However, the more I read these books, the more I don't like my husband!" (Go point exactly). My friends and I instantly bonded with our Twilight soulmates and have made a promise to meet up again for the premier of the new movie that comes out in December. Our scrapbook store owner just can't see what all the hoopla is all about, but then again, she's from Canada... She makes references to the "Twilight Cult", but I prefer to be considered part of the Cullen "coven"!!