Monday, October 16, 2017

Cover Shot Techniques - The Flat Lay

One of my absolute favorite go-to techniques for cover shots is the flat lay. This is especially true with men's fashion. It is so fun to gather (steal) props (my son's items that happen to be out in plain site - stuffed in a shoe box tucked in the back of their closet covered by three or four blankets). Oh I just realized they were trying to hide these things from me.

However, before I explain this technique, make sure you have done your proper preparation. If you don't know where to start, read my Preparation post. If you miss this step, you will miss your sale. The proper preparation can take even a simple photo from ordinary to extra-ordinary. So if you have not read this post, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to jail (I mean straight to the previous post) and make sure you are ready to move forward to the next step.

Just what is the flat lay technique? It is probably the easiest cover shot technique other than the simple over the door on a hanger technique. You know what I'm talking about. You don't have time to take a great shot, so you grab a hanger, hang the item on the back of your bedroom door, snap the photo, post to Poshmark, and VOILA...Instant Cover Shot...kind of like instant coffee. Works in a pinch, when you are in a hurry to get something posted, but it just doesn't taste or smell like Starbucks. That smell that makes you want to stay and visit a while, or check out the post and hit the like button, or better yet the BUY NOW button!

But I digress...So to answer the question mentioned above, a flat lay is a technique in which you use some sort of flat surface to arrange items in an appealing manner that will draw the viewer, making them want to see more. For fashion items, think in terms of setting the stage for what we will wear on a first date. You grab two or three outfits, accessories, shoes, handbags, etc. and then start arranging them on your bed or bedroom floor.  You lay your outfits flat and start experimenting with different looks, using accessories and purses to create the perfect look for the perfect date. If you have ever done this, then you have may have already mastered the process. The trick now is to make sure your background (bed or floor) does not take away from your masterpiece.

I generally us a photography backdrop and lay it on the floor as my foundation. It looks like weathered distressed wooden flooring, but it is actually just a paper drop that I purchased from Amazon Prime for a total of $13.  However, a large table or any flat surface large enough for your arrangement will suffice. Make sure whatever you use is not distracting and will not detract from your photo. Use of white poster board or white foam core board is especially great for taking pictures when you don't have the best lighting. It is also makes for excellent contrasting. But keep in mind, when you use this technique, you need to make sure you will be able to adjust the position of your camera appropriately. You want the viewer to think they are looking at something "upright" and not looking across an item. This means that you or your camera need to be in a position where you can take the photo from above and not across the items. So unless you are Michael Jordan or The Shaq Attack, I suggest you grab a step stool or chair, or use a tripod that can reach above your subject and then remotely take the photo.

Now that we have the foundation, it's time to set the stage. There are two styles that I use. I refer to them as "The Shabby Chic" technique and "The Sleek & Chic" technique.  The first is has a more casual and messier look, while the other technique is much more symmetrical with clean lines and folds.



Often I find that a combination of the two styles  can be more eye-catching depending on the circumstance or vibe you would like to present (you can see that I slightly combined styles in the above Miss Me Cover Shot). The two main things to consider when deciding which technique to choose are 1) balance and 2) creating an attractive layout.  that will make buyers want to take a closer look.  Balance refers to the scale and position of your arrangement. It is usually best to use an odd rather than even number of items in your layout. For instance, if you have are featuring a pair of jeans and are pairing it with a shirt, throw a cap or even nice book in with the mix. If you have you ever visited someone's home and they have this massive beautiful artwork over their fireplace or sofa but it is hanging crooked on the wall, you understand what I mean by balance. You want to have a pleasant conversation and visit with your friend or colleague, but you can't relax, because all you see is the lop-sided picture on the wall. If your arrangement is not level or balanced, viewers that venture into your closet want to come in and view through your items, but then they come across that one lop-sided photo and they hear nails scraping a chalkboard, and they quickly move on to the next closet.
One thing I have recently been told is a faux pax is taking a photo with shoes on top of clothing items. Apparently this is ghastly and with the millennials who think that the clothing item is now completely ruined and contaminated because it now has shoe germs. Do these people ever sit on a public bench, or the floor or on a street curb? Well what's the difference?? But since my fashion conscience millennial son has since set me straight, I now no longer commit such horrendous style blunders. You may still see some in my closet, but that is only because I am lazy and do not wish to exert the effort it would take to dig these items out of their assigned bin to retake and edit more photos. I just tell him to cringe and move along...

Happy Poshing...If you are new to Poshmark and would like to join, please use code NUKKO when joining and make sure to visit me or @shabbychic45. Make sure to stop by and say hi to let me know you were there! See you soon!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Poshmark Cover Shot Techniques - Preparation

Cover Shot Preparation

You know the old saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression? This is true of almost anything. So think of your cover shot as the first impression. What does it say about you but more importantly what are you conveying about the item? Do you post cover shots of wrinkled clothing? How about taking photos in a dark room or in a cluttered room?  Unless I know what a particular item really looks like, how well it holds up and how it fits, I will generally pass over anything that is wrinkled, in a cluttered room, taken on top of an unmade bed or on dirty carpet. How a person presents an item to the public, is generally how a person takes care of that item. Wrinkled items, shoes that need to be wiped off and dirty floors are some of my biggest pet peeves. So, let's go through the basic preparation that will make or break you. It's like the primer that holds the paint on the wall, or the cement foundation that holds up your home. Without a strong primer, the paint peels. Without a strong foundation, the house falls. Without proper preparation, you would do better by having a garage sale.

The very first thing that needs to be done is the most important: Thoroughly inspect your item. Are there any snags, discoloration, tiny holes, hem unraveling, or stains? Has the item shrunk or faded from multiple washings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it does not necessarily mean that you should trash it or put it in the charity pile, but it does mean, you need to understand the true value of the item. If it has stains, see if you can get the stains out. There are multiple sites on the internet that offer great stain removing solutions. I have removed multiple ink stains completely (it did take several treatments) from a otherwise great pair of jeans and then sold them on Poshmark for quite a bit more than I would have had it been stained. 

What about wrinkles? Don't own an iron or ironing board, no worries. Although spraying a little starch and passing an iron over an garment generally will lend the best results, some people loathe ironing. For those who would rather swim with piranhas than iron a t-shirt, Downey Wrinkle Release has come to save the day! Spray a small-moderate amount of this liquid gold over all wrinkled areas, then do one of two things (or both). 1) Take the garment and shake it out like you would a sheet or blanket, the spray helps loosen the wrinkles and the shaking or whipping action helps pull out the wrinkles or 2) Lay the garment flat after spraying and then use your hands and "iron" out the wrinkles. This stuff is a must have. I don't ever seem to be able to keep any on hand, because they seem to disappear with one of my children whether that be with one at college or the other while he is working his 4 days on a tug boat. (Why he would need to have wrinkle free clothing on a tug boat is beyond my pea-brain understanding.)  Not only does it take out wrinkles, it smells GREAT!! I like to spray a little on the items just before packaging to mail out. 

Now that your item is ready picture worthy, you need to make sure your area is picture worthy. If you don't have a clutter free room, then you need to clean out a spot before you take pictures. If your floor or carpet is stained, purchase a cheap shaggy rug or bath mat. These work great for small items like purses, belts, scarves, swimsuits, etc. Another option that I find works great for me is a photography drop cloth. I got mine for less than $15 on Amazon. It's a paper drop, so I have to be careful not to tear it, but it works like a charm. 
Depending on what you are photographing, gather your necessary props. Women's clothing: grab a pair of coordinating shoes, belt, matching top or bottom, statement necklace, etc.; Men's apparel: Sunglasses, cell phone, shoes, wallet, and even a ball cap or fedora; Children's outfits: pair with a stuffed animal, cute little shoes, cap or hair accessory. Harry Potter shirt, why not get a copy of a Harry Potter book or print out a smaller size of a movie poster. Disney princess? Get some cute wings and a fairy godmother wand and some confetti. Let your imagination go wild. Great places to get props are from your own closet or your child's closet, floor or hanging from the doorknob (no matter their age) OR Check out your local Good Will or Salvation Army and buy some cheap items to keep on hand as props. Not only are you helping out a local charity, you are building your business on the cheap.

Finally, make sure you have enough light. Most will suggest natural light, but if you work a full-time job, it may not be feasible to always use natural light. Amazon has some inexpensive photography lighting that can be easily set up and taken down with minimal effort. Another option is to install daylight bulbs in some lamps for indirect lighting. These work extremely well. Just don't stand in front of the light or you will get a blob sized shadow of yourself that does not edit out well. Use white foam core board to make a white board and place it strategically to bounce the light back on to your photo subject. Works great when you are trying to maximize your lighting.

Now that you have prepared, it's time to decide on a layout technique. I will be posting some of my favorite go-to techniques in my upcoming posts.  My next post I will be discussing my most favorite go-to technique, the flat lay. So stay tuned! BTW the picture in my post really has nothing do with the subject, but it was just so darn cute! 

Further, please come visit me on Poshmark. You can find my closet at, or downloading the app on your mobile device and searching under “People” for @shabbychic45. If you are not currently a member of Poshmark, use code NUKKO when registering for a $5.00 credit off your first purchase. Please make sure to say hi and let me know that you found me on my blog!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Poshmark Cover Shot Techniques

The next time you peruse Poshmark, whether that be on the mobile app or through the website, click on the first item that catches your eye. It doesn't have to be your size, be your color or even be what you were looking for. Now that you have clicked on the post, try to figure out why it caught your eye, what was it that drew you in? Was it the color, the design, the way the model looked in a particular outfit, or the way you felt the minute you saw it? These questions are important questions to ask before you start the process of staging and photographing your cover shots. The answers to these questions will become your starting point to staging your next cover shot. If you still aren't sure where to start, find a layout that you really like and then try to copy it. I recently did this with a men's shoe layout. More about that in the Flat Lay layout post.  You may not believe this, but there are substantially more ways to put together a great presentation than there are to do a bad one. Surprisingly, you don't need to be crafty or have an eye for design. You just need to be willing to put forth the effort to do your research, gather your props, and set aside time specifically to take your cover shots. Don't think you can...??? Well, you've taken the first step by reading this short post. Google cover shot ideas, or be more specific by searching for "men's flat lay ideas", "using dress forms/mannequins to take cover shots", or "using models for your cover shot".  Subscribe to blogs and search for articles focused on fashion and how to take photos that sell. Blogs are great, because you usually get a notification when a new post has been published. This really isn't rocket science, I promise. Do your homework and follow my blog, and soon you will be taking photos like a pro and creating your own great layouts in no time.

Finally, if you are not a current Poshmark member, simply download the mobile app on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Use the code: NUKKO when registering for a $5.00 credit towards your first Poshmark purchase, and then come visit my closet. My closet name is @shabbychic45 or using the web, go to .  I look forward to seeing you soon!! Stay tuned for my next post regarding one cover shot technique, my favorite go-to, The Flat Lay! As always, I would love to hear back from my readers. Please post your comments and suggestions below about your favorite cover shot technique!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Poshmark Follow Game Tips

Nearly everyone is searching for quick ways to gain followers on Poshmark. And though there are many various ways to gain followers, the most popular (and most fun) way I have found is by playing the famous Poshmark Follow Game. If you haven't heard of the Poshmark follow game, then you either aren't a member of Poshmark, are new to Poshmark, or live under a rock. Follow Games are all over Poshmark. In fact, they have become so popular that some poshers will use "Follow Game" as a tag in their description of their "for sale" listing. This can become extremely frustrating. You enter "Follow Game" in the search bar and an intelligent posher would think that the search list would produce post after post of nothing but "follow games". However, instead of follow game posts, the posher is bombarded with bikini clad angels. These are not Angels from Heaven, these are of the Victoria's Secret variety. URGH! Not fun!! (If this is you, well shame on you! If this is not you, please do not start. You will be considered an angel in my book even if you would rather wear a burka in the Bahamas. Those VS angels are gonna catch pneumonia one day!) Sorry for getting off track, but it's my blog and my rant... LOL

Follow games are a favorite of mine, so much so that I have developed a rather long tag list and send out 3-10 follow games a day to my tag list. Because of this, I have come up with a Follow Game Tip List or Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful follow game. If you follow the steps, you have much better chance of having a successful game and or playing a successful game. Please note that these are what I have discovered works best for me and my PFFs.

1) FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! BE CREATIVE!! DON'T BE A COPY CAT!! When you start a new follow game (FG), make it your own. This is your chance to toot your horn, show off your new Poshmark find, or post some fun family photos. This is where you can show off some of those great snaps of your kitty sleeping upside down or your dog with her tongue hanging out and jumping for joy (see my tag list for a pic of my sweet goof). It doesn't even have to have anything to do with "following" like the cute ducks following in a row or puppies running after each other, although those are cute. JUST BE CREATIVE! Show us who you are or what you like. Do a slide titled "bet you didn't know this" and tell us a few fun facts about yourself that make you special. Furthermore, those fun pics will get so much more exposure if they are tied to a follow game. So why not use it to your advantage! Give others a glimpse into who you are. A couple of the photo editing apps I use are PhotoDirector and PicsArt. PhotoDirector has a good user friendly photo adjustment for light and tone balance, but PicsArt has tons of fonts and sticker packs and many cool features. Have fun when you are creating your cover shot and remember that's what it's about fun! It doesn't have to be perfect. (IMPORTANT: Make sure to incorporate "Follow Game" on your cover shot where it is noticeable.) I see so many copy-cat FG's, that it just get's boring. I am not saying these don't work, but they certainly don't stand out when someone is browsing the main feed. So just try not to copy-cat.

2) Once your pictures are ready, then it's time to set up your post. IMPORTANT: Include Follow Game in your title. Make it clear what your intention is. Don't make us guess. If I have to guess, I will usually pass. I love to share FGs, so don't make me guess. Make sure to use a title and description that make it clear it is a follow game. Try not to use "follow me and I'll follow you" or "Share three of mine and I'll share three of yours". If you want to share or have your items shared, sign up for a share group. That's what they are for. Include some specific wording to make it easier for people like me to find you, such as "Follow Game, Like, Follow, Share, Repeat". Even when I do a good detailed search I still may not get the newest ones or all of them. So the title and description are important. Include all steps [(i.e.: 1) Like this Post 2) Follow everyone who has liked this post 3) Share to your followers 4) Come Back Often and Follow Those who Have liked after you.)]

3) Make your follow game a FOR SALE listing and price it abnormally high. I like to start out at $50,000 and lower by $50 two or three times a week. You want to be able to lower the price at least once a week but preferably 2-3 times a week.This keeps it moving and reminds others to come back and follow. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Failure to do this will kill your follow game faster than it took you to post it. Ever heard of the saying, "Out of Sight, Out of mind"? When your game is first posted, it's new and everyone wants to follow. However, after a week goes by without being shared, no one see it and suddenly your game is only a post at the bottom of your closet. When I share a follow game, I look to see when it was last updated. I pass over those that have not been updated or shown some activity by the posher within the past 30 days. If it is within 30 days but more than 7 days, I will share, but usually not unless the posher will agree to make the game active. I want my PFFs on my tag list to get the most they can. I don't want them to clog up their "like feed" with dead FGs. This is only fair. If you want your game to be complete, then you need to do all you can to make it fair for all who have played. You do that by reducing your price so that others are reminded to come back and follow. When you lower your price, think about updating your title to include something that will remind others to come back and follow [i.e: No Cheating! or Come Back & Follow or Don't Forget to Follow All New Likes", etc.]

4) Keep your active follow game at the top of your closet at all times. This gives it the most visibility and also makes you have to share it to keep it at the top of your page. The more you share it, the more exposure it gets. Furthermore, self-sharing helps move your game up to the top of a search when someone does a search for follow games. Share your game at least once a day, if not two or three times a day.

5) Find poshers like me who have long tag lists. Tag them on your follow game and ask them to share to their PFF tag list. Then immediately share multiple items (at least 10-20 items) from each of their closets. This shows you mean business and understand and appreciate the time it took to put together their tag lists and share on a regular basis. Once they have shared your follow game, don't just thank them in a comment, return the posh love by sharing even more of their items. Share bombs are appreciated and remembered. I can guarantee you most will return the favor and possibly browse your closet. They might just find something they like; and just like that, you have made a sell!

6) DON'T FORGET TO LIKE YOUR FOLLOW GAME!! My first follow game, I totally forgot to like my game. Thank goodness a lovely posher reminded me to like my game. Most people won't go back and check to make sure they are following the host by going to their closet page, so you could get overlooked if you forget to like your game.

7) Finally, if you are going to play follow games, play fair. Don't just like a game or play only those that are brand new and never return to follow the new likes. The game only works if we play fair and follow the rules. When you see a reminder come across your news feed to go back and follow, then go back and follow. Otherwise, you are doing yourself and everyone else a huge disfavor and defeating the true purpose of the game. This is not a game in which their is one winner and one loser. We are either ALL winners or ALL losers. Play by the rules and we are All WINNERS; don't play by the rules, and we all lose.

So there you go, a step-by-step guide to making your game the most successful it can be. If you have other suggestions to add on how to best utilize the follow games, please let me know by commenting below, or if you have a success story you wish to share, please share. I would love to read them!!

If you are not a member of Poshmark, and would like to sign up, you can either download the app on GooglePlay or through the Apple App store. Use code NUKKO when signing up to receive a $5.00 credit off your first purchase. Then get ready to be addicted!! Poshmark is a great selling format, but also a great way to connect with like minded individuals. Don't forget to stop by and visit me at I look forward to seeing you!! Here's to next time...

Much Posh Love!! Michele' @shabbychic45

I would love to hear tips about what you feel works the best as respects follow games.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

First Things First - Poshmark

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for following me on my Poshmark journey. So first things first. If you have not registered as a user with Poshmark, the first thing you need to do is REGISTER!! I promise you won't regret it! Start by downloading the app on your Apple or Android device or logon to Use the code NUKKO when you register to get a $5.00 credit towards your first purchase. Once you have completed this most important step, come back and read this post. Although I am very new to Poshmark, there are some very important things that I recommend you do first before you post an item for sale or even buy anything.

Once you have successfully registered as a user, I recommend that you do the following before posting anything: First, become familiar with all of the FAQs. Read the Poshmark guidelines and find out what is "Posh Compliant" and what is not. Being "Posh Compliant" is very important and a must if you ever wish to reach the prestigious Suggested User status!! Do a search for Posh Rules, Photography Tips, Creative Cover Shots and check out @official_forum. Also search google for some of the same. You should come across some awesome blogs as well as YouTube videos by veteran poshers. Take notes, bookmark your pages or "like the post", so that you can easily reference it or share it with someone else. Finally, check out various closets, look at their cover shots, read their descriptions, then begin to formulate your own style. Although these are several "steps", I consider this as one big leap. This big step is critical in starting off on the right foot as your begin your own Poshmark Journey.

Start small. Look through your closet and pick out 5 to 10 items that are in style and are in good to excellent/like new or New With Tag (NWT) items that either don't fit, or just aren't your style anymore. "Vet" your items thoroughly. Look for stains, small tears, pulls, piling, etc. Some stains can be removed, if not and not noticeable, you can still list it, but make sure to include this in your description. Also, put it through the "Would I buy this?" Test. Think about the item as if it still fit and was still your style. If you saw this on someone else's closet, is it something you would buy? Has this item seen better days, or does it just need a little TLC and possibly a pressing. Is this a popular brand, a designer brand or in demand brand? If you did your homework in step one, you should have a decent idea of what these brands are. Those items that don't make the cut, bag them up and donate to good will if just out of style or not in demand. Otherwise, just toss them. Do not put them back in your closet. You want to make room for the new items you will be able to purchase with your posh money!! Hopefully, after going through this process you will have 3-8 viable Poshmarkable items.

Don't try to take on the world in a day. Doing your prep work and homework is just as important if not more than creative cover shots and detailed descriptions. By doing your research and laying the proper groundwork, you will be better equipped at deciding what to Posh and what not to Posh. If you just start posting things, you are going to end up with a cluttered Poshmark closet that nobody visits and a lot of missed sales opportunities. We all had to start somewhere and this is where I have found to be the best place to start.

Please stop by and visit my closet @shabbychic45. Follow my journey, give me feedback. Let me know what works or doesn't work for you. I welcome your tips and advice. Be looking for my next blog on creative cover shots including stock photos, flat lays and dress forms. I am still new to Poshmark and working towards Suggested User Status. I have been fortunate to have many mentors guide, advise, direct, and encourage at every phase of my journey. I hope to be able to Pay it Forward and help many new and veteran poshers as well.

Again, if you haven't signed up, please use code NUKKO to receive a $5.00 credit towards your first purchase. Until next time, Happy Poshing!!


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Becoming a Posh Addict

OK, so you have set up your account with Poshmark. Now what? Well, that's up to you. Did you sign up to sell, to buy or both? I think that most of us join Poshmark to find a great item at a great price. If you are anything like me, you know what you like and what you don't, so you immediately start browsing the site looking for a great pair of Miss Me Jeans in just the right size, Nine West pumps that you have always wanted but didn't really want to spend the money to buy retail because they were a hot pink color and would only go with one or two outfits, or what about that Michael Kors Tote that you want, but don't have $250-$350 or more to get the one you wanted retail. That's why I initially became a Poshmark member. I have the proverbial "Champagne Taste with a Lite Beer Budget!!" It took some time to find these awesome deals, but if you are persistent and patient, you can find some truly fantastic deals. I got these awesome Miss Me Cropped Jeans in perfect condition for $25, these fantastic brand new Nine West Fuchsia pumps for $12 and I also snagged an EUC (Excellent Used Condition) Michael Kors Tote for $90!! But as I continued to peruse the site, I noticed that I had a treasure trove of items in my own house that were just sitting in our closets. Clothes that were still in excellent condition, but were too small, or didn't fit just right, or was never worn and still had tags because of an impulse buy or a gift that I never got around to returning. We all have those type of items in our home. So, I began to see dollar signs everywhere I looked. I first started going though my closet, then my husband's clothes, and then I was digging through my boys' closets and drawers. I started listing anything and everything. If I thought a shirt looked too small on one of my son's, I would wait until they took it off and then quickly confiscated it, washed it, pressed it, and then listed it on the app. I would fain ignorance when someone would inquire as to the whereabouts of a particular article. It did work for a while, that is until one day in my bliss and excitement (and stupidity), I began "showing off" my "creative cover shots" to my family. It didn't take long until they discovered that they hadn't misplaced their items, but rather, I had been secretly posting and "selling" their beloved American Eagle plaid shirt that "showed off their muscles just right". I finally convinced my youngest that when his hands turned blue because his sleeves were cutting off the circulation in his arms, it was time to go up a size (or two). Believe it or not, I was able to find some of the same exact same shirts that I had Poshed and was able to replace them using my Posh earnings! That's a win-win in my book! I was able to restock his wardrobe without waiting for National tax free day or back to school sales. Because everyday is National Tax Free Day or Back to School Sales on Poshmark. I still can't believe that I am able to replenish not only my closet, but my entire family's closet just by using the earnings in my Posh account. So I am now officially a Poshmark Addict! If you have not yet signed up for Poshmark. Download the app on your mobile device and register using the code NUKKO for $5 off your first purchase! Well what are you waiting on? It's time to start Poshing!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beginning my Journey on Poshmark

Well, it has been well over two years since my last post, and I have to say that there have been a lot of changes as well. If you read my last post, I had just undergone surgery for a pain pump implant. The procedure for the most part was very successful! I no longer suffer at night or when I am sitting. Just some occasional pain when I walk or stand for any extended period of time. So yea! My middle son has graduated from Texas A&M Galveston with a Bachelor's in Marine Transportation and is a 3rd Mate, working his way to Captain, then hopefully on to becoming a Pilot in the Houston Ship Channel. My youngest son and youngest child has started his second year of college at Texas A&M College Station and is in the Honor's Math Program. He currently has a 4.0 GPA!! And I have been blessed with another precious grand-daughter!! We are quite "empty nesters", but we are getting pretty darn close. The two youngest boys still hang their hats in the hall (and leave their shoes, books, empty food containers, you get the picture), but one is away at school and the other, is getting close to landing a JOB and with any luck, he will eventually have his own place to hang his hat (and shoes, books, empty food containers and so on...). I love the peace and quiet, but I do miss the company. Finally, our world was rocked earlier this year in April when my husband (52 at the time) suffered multiple strokes. He has recovered well, but is still on disability until he can pass the cognitive assessment. He never lost any movement or suffered any paralysis. Prior to this my youngest had a bleeding ulcer and was placed in intensive care on Christmas Eve, while receiving a blood transfusion. He returned to the hospital in March with the same ulcer bleeding again. He seems to be doing better, but they still don't know what the cause it. The good news is that his platelet count and RBC numbers are back in the normal range and he is continuing to improve every day. So we praise our Almighty Father! God has been good and continues to bless me daily. We had just paid off all of our credit card debt in March, just prior to my husband's stroke. Thank God for great medical insurance through Chevron, his employer! But we still have an out-of-pocket total coinsurance that we are responsible as well as my son's medical bills. Furthermore, now that our middle son has graduated college, we have started the process of paying off the student loans. So if you are a woman and are like me, it's a little frustrating when all of your income is going out the door to pay off school loans and medical bills. I like to have a little to spend. I like new accessories and have just fallen in love with the Miss Me jeans, which are close to $100 a pair! For some of you that may not be much, but when you have never paid more than $30 for a pair of jeans, $100 is a fortune. My co-worker mentioned an online site called Poshmark. Her daughter sells her gently used clothes through their mobile app and has done surprisingly well. She is able to replenish her closet with new or gently used items from other Poshers. I was more interested at first with the great deals, I found on Poshmark. I bought several Pandora and Chamilia charms for my charm bracelet and 50% to 70% off retail, a month later, I had listed various items in my closet, sold a few things, and I was hooked. I was greeted by numerous veteran Poshers who helped me steer through the first couple of months and provided me with excellent advice. I also surfed the web for blogs (such as this one) to gather tips on cover shots, how to sell resale and how to be successful in the Poshmark environment. I am currently a top 10% seller, a top-rated (5 star) seller, a Posh Mentor, and received my first Host Pick a couple of weeks ago! My next goal is become a "Suggested User". I would love for you to follow me on my journey. I would love to provide you with helpful tips, ideas, cover shot techniques and share some great Poshmark Success Stories from various successful "Suggested Users" as I venture onward. If you have any suggestions that you would like to offer, please feel free to add them in the comments section. I am still new and welcome all of the advice I can get! If you have never experience Poshmark, sign up today using code NUKKO for a $5 credit towards your first purchase. Simply download the app on your mobile device, sign up using the code NUKKO, (or you can logon via your computer - you just can't list or edit any listings on your computer, it must be done though a mobile device - this is about making the experience as simple as possible) and log on! Then visit my closet @shabbychic45. I look forward to traveling with you! Michele' @shabbychic45

Sunday, January 5, 2014

No Pain, No Gain....

I have been struggling with chronic pain for over 7 years in various parts of my back. I have have two neck fusions, several steroid injection series, two rhizotomys in my lower back and have had a spinal cord stimulator (scs) implanted as well. Unfortunately none of these procedures has led to any great relief, so now I have gone back to the drawing board for what the doc call the last resort, implant of an intrathecal drug delivery system. I had the surgery on Tuesday Dec 31st (what a way to spend New Year's Eve). The doc also took out the scs as it was useless and interfered with being able to obtain an MRI if I ever needed one. So now, I have a hockey puck size pump implanted in the lower left abdominal wall in between the skin and muscle. A catheter is connected to the pump and the catheter is then placed into the intrathecal area surrounding the spinal cord when the medicine will be pump directly to my spine to help relieve my lower back pain. In theory, since the medication will dissipate up the spine, the relief should continue up through my shoulders and neck. I did the trial, and I worked great! No pain, but itched like crazy. I don't think the pump is on yet. I believe that will be done on Tuesday, when I go for my post-op visit. Looking forward to pain free days ahead!!! Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you updated! Until next time...Here's looking at you kid....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost My MoJo RAK

I just ran across this blog through Scrapbook.Com. She seems to have lost her MoJo and is desperately seeking creative ways to recapture her imagination. Click on the title to this post to go to her website link provided and give her some ideas of how you get your MoJo back. She is giving away some great goodies. Tell her I sent you. Michele'

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run Everybody, The Police are Coming!!

One recent Saturday morning (at 3:15 am I dare say), I was abruptly awoken to the ringing of the telephone. Of course I jumped out of bed and ran to the phone because when you get a call at 3:15 am, it usually isn't someone calling you to tell you that you have won the lottery. I quickly answered the phone, "Hello?"... The deep voiced person on the other end of the line politely asks, "Do you have a son named Chad?" "Um...., Yes Sir...." I said with a quiet uncertainty. I almost wanted to say, "That depends on who's calling", but it didn't sound like the "gentleman" on the other end of the line was in the mood for my little "ad libs". "Well Ma'am this is your city Police Department. We have Chad in custody here at the station and need you to come pick him up," he said rather matter of factly. My immediate response was "What the H#LL did he do now?!" I shouted as I slammed my hand down on the kitchen counter all the while thinking "maybe I shouldn't have said that". Again, the officer in his very "calm, professional, monotone" voice, "Ma'am, we will have to discuss that when you get to the station." My husband was up by then was asking what was going on. I replied in my most colorful voice, "CHAD HAS BEEN ARRESTED AND HE IS THE x$#&^ JAIL!!!" My husband and I threw on some clothes and headed out to the police station. When we walked threw the door and looked over to our left, there was parent of another child we knew all too well. He looked even more upset and angry than we were (I didn't know that was possible). The "nice lady" behind the "bullet proof window encased booth" asked us which child belonged to us. I thought for a moment about sayaing, "I am sorry, what are talking about? We have no children. We are here to report a crime", but again, I mumbled "Chad". The "nice lady" told us to have a seat in their "comfortable chairs" and the officer would be out shortly. I certainly would like to know what their definition of "shortly" meant. It seemed like we were waiting there for at least an hour, and I was beginning to think that they were doing it on purpose just because they could.... No actually it was only about 15 minutes, but when your son is handcuffed back in a police officer's office, time seems to creeps slowly. The officer explained that the station received a call stating that tires from the high school practice field had been laid out across street just outside our neighborhood and needed to be removed. An officer responded to the call and moved the tires off the road and over to the side on the grass. He left figuring it was some "stupid kids" (wow he had that one pegged), but they probably had already fled the scene. He continued his story, telling us that about 15 minutes later they received yet ANOTHER call. The tires were BACK across the road. They knew that this was definitely the actions of some "stupid kids", and felt fairly certain those "stupid kids" were still at the "crime scene". Now mind you my son just received an invitation to join the National Honor Society. The What??? The police responded back to the scene along with several backups. I would say at least a total of 6 cop cars swarmed the school with officers jumping out like a SWAT team as if they were about to bust a big drug ring. The kids began running in every direction, but apparently, my Nationa Honor Society son didn't pick the right direction. He, and two of his other friends were surrounded by police officers and honestly I'm surprised they didn't pee in their pants right then and there. Two of the boys that "escaped" were crying saying things like "Oh no no no no no...Oh no no no no" or " OMG It's the police!!! It's the police!! We're toast man TOAST!!" The first thing we took from our son was his most prized possession, his cell phone along with his freedom. Worst of all, my son is a very good athlete and his favorite sport is football. He was just moved up to to practice with the varsity team. He's a freshman and practicing with the varsity (just in case you didn't get the importance of the message here). We told him that he was going to need to go and tell the head coach. It was like a scene out of "Friday Night Lights". The funny thing is, is that our head coach was from the Odessa, TX area and actually coached at that high school in which the show is based off. I think my son would have rather given up his cell phone all of his social freedom for a year before he have gone and told the coach anything that merely hinted to the fact of police even just scolding him let alone him being arrested. He wasn't the only one that had to go tell the coach. Two of his other friends, including one which was lucky enough to get away from the police were made to go see the coach first thing the following Monday morning. The waiting was maddening, but walking up the sidewalk to the coaches offices was the most frightening. They all looked as white as a ghost. The boys all explained what they had done and after the coach deliberated as to what an appropriate punishment would be, the boys probably needed to go and change their clothes because of drenching sweat pouring off of them. Then the coach said, "Well boys, since you like tires so much, we're going to make sure you "really love" them. They were made to carry tires everywhere around the athletic training field, rolling them up hills and running around the entire school property with them around their necks. I don't think they want to see another tire for a long time, which iis good because maybe this will deter their desire for driving for a while. But at the very least I do think it will deter them from wondering around at night, when they should be home sleeping. This is just one of those stories that will never be forgotten.