Thursday, December 29, 2016

Poshmark Follow Game Tips

Nearly everyone is searching for quick ways to gain followers on Poshmark. And though there are many various ways to gain followers, the most popular (and most fun) way I have found is by playing the famous Poshmark Follow Game. If you haven't heard of the Poshmark follow game, then you either aren't a member of Poshmark, are new to Poshmark, or live under a rock. Follow Games are all over Poshmark. In fact, they have become so popular that some poshers will use "Follow Game" as a tag in their description of their "for sale" listing. This can become extremely frustrating. You enter "Follow Game" in the search bar and an intelligent posher would think that the search list would produce post after post of nothing but "follow games". However, instead of follow game posts, the posher is bombarded with bikini clad angels. These are not Angels from Heaven, these are of the Victoria's Secret variety. URGH! Not fun!! (If this is you, well shame on you! If this is not you, please do not start. You will be considered an angel in my book even if you would rather wear a burka in the Bahamas. Those VS angels are gonna catch pneumonia one day!) Sorry for getting off track, but it's my blog and my rant... LOL

Follow games are a favorite of mine, so much so that I have developed a rather long tag list and send out 3-10 follow games a day to my tag list. Because of this, I have come up with a Follow Game Tip List or Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful follow game. If you follow the steps, you have much better chance of having a successful game and or playing a successful game. Please note that these are what I have discovered works best for me and my PFFs.

1) FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! BE CREATIVE!! DON'T BE A COPY CAT!! When you start a new follow game (FG), make it your own. This is your chance to toot your horn, show off your new Poshmark find, or post some fun family photos. This is where you can show off some of those great snaps of your kitty sleeping upside down or your dog with her tongue hanging out and jumping for joy (see my tag list for a pic of my sweet goof). It doesn't even have to have anything to do with "following" like the cute ducks following in a row or puppies running after each other, although those are cute. JUST BE CREATIVE! Show us who you are or what you like. Do a slide titled "bet you didn't know this" and tell us a few fun facts about yourself that make you special. Furthermore, those fun pics will get so much more exposure if they are tied to a follow game. So why not use it to your advantage! Give others a glimpse into who you are. A couple of the photo editing apps I use are PhotoDirector and PicsArt. PhotoDirector has a good user friendly photo adjustment for light and tone balance, but PicsArt has tons of fonts and sticker packs and many cool features. Have fun when you are creating your cover shot and remember that's what it's about fun! It doesn't have to be perfect. (IMPORTANT: Make sure to incorporate "Follow Game" on your cover shot where it is noticeable.) I see so many copy-cat FG's, that it just get's boring. I am not saying these don't work, but they certainly don't stand out when someone is browsing the main feed. So just try not to copy-cat.

2) Once your pictures are ready, then it's time to set up your post. IMPORTANT: Include Follow Game in your title. Make it clear what your intention is. Don't make us guess. If I have to guess, I will usually pass. I love to share FGs, so don't make me guess. Make sure to use a title and description that make it clear it is a follow game. Try not to use "follow me and I'll follow you" or "Share three of mine and I'll share three of yours". If you want to share or have your items shared, sign up for a share group. That's what they are for. Include some specific wording to make it easier for people like me to find you, such as "Follow Game, Like, Follow, Share, Repeat". Even when I do a good detailed search I still may not get the newest ones or all of them. So the title and description are important. Include all steps [(i.e.: 1) Like this Post 2) Follow everyone who has liked this post 3) Share to your followers 4) Come Back Often and Follow Those who Have liked after you.)]

3) Make your follow game a FOR SALE listing and price it abnormally high. I like to start out at $50,000 and lower by $50 two or three times a week. You want to be able to lower the price at least once a week but preferably 2-3 times a week.This keeps it moving and reminds others to come back and follow. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Failure to do this will kill your follow game faster than it took you to post it. Ever heard of the saying, "Out of Sight, Out of mind"? When your game is first posted, it's new and everyone wants to follow. However, after a week goes by without being shared, no one see it and suddenly your game is only a post at the bottom of your closet. When I share a follow game, I look to see when it was last updated. I pass over those that have not been updated or shown some activity by the posher within the past 30 days. If it is within 30 days but more than 7 days, I will share, but usually not unless the posher will agree to make the game active. I want my PFFs on my tag list to get the most they can. I don't want them to clog up their "like feed" with dead FGs. This is only fair. If you want your game to be complete, then you need to do all you can to make it fair for all who have played. You do that by reducing your price so that others are reminded to come back and follow. When you lower your price, think about updating your title to include something that will remind others to come back and follow [i.e: No Cheating! or Come Back & Follow or Don't Forget to Follow All New Likes", etc.]

4) Keep your active follow game at the top of your closet at all times. This gives it the most visibility and also makes you have to share it to keep it at the top of your page. The more you share it, the more exposure it gets. Furthermore, self-sharing helps move your game up to the top of a search when someone does a search for follow games. Share your game at least once a day, if not two or three times a day.

5) Find poshers like me who have long tag lists. Tag them on your follow game and ask them to share to their PFF tag list. Then immediately share multiple items (at least 10-20 items) from each of their closets. This shows you mean business and understand and appreciate the time it took to put together their tag lists and share on a regular basis. Once they have shared your follow game, don't just thank them in a comment, return the posh love by sharing even more of their items. Share bombs are appreciated and remembered. I can guarantee you most will return the favor and possibly browse your closet. They might just find something they like; and just like that, you have made a sell!

6) DON'T FORGET TO LIKE YOUR FOLLOW GAME!! My first follow game, I totally forgot to like my game. Thank goodness a lovely posher reminded me to like my game. Most people won't go back and check to make sure they are following the host by going to their closet page, so you could get overlooked if you forget to like your game.

7) Finally, if you are going to play follow games, play fair. Don't just like a game or play only those that are brand new and never return to follow the new likes. The game only works if we play fair and follow the rules. When you see a reminder come across your news feed to go back and follow, then go back and follow. Otherwise, you are doing yourself and everyone else a huge disfavor and defeating the true purpose of the game. This is not a game in which their is one winner and one loser. We are either ALL winners or ALL losers. Play by the rules and we are All WINNERS; don't play by the rules, and we all lose.

So there you go, a step-by-step guide to making your game the most successful it can be. If you have other suggestions to add on how to best utilize the follow games, please let me know by commenting below, or if you have a success story you wish to share, please share. I would love to read them!!

If you are not a member of Poshmark, and would like to sign up, you can either download the app on GooglePlay or through the Apple App store. Use code NUKKO when signing up to receive a $5.00 credit off your first purchase. Then get ready to be addicted!! Poshmark is a great selling format, but also a great way to connect with like minded individuals. Don't forget to stop by and visit me at I look forward to seeing you!! Here's to next time...

Much Posh Love!! Michele' @shabbychic45

I would love to hear tips about what you feel works the best as respects follow games.

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