Sunday, November 13, 2016

First Things First - Poshmark

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for following me on my Poshmark journey. So first things first. If you have not registered as a user with Poshmark, the first thing you need to do is REGISTER!! I promise you won't regret it! Start by downloading the app on your Apple or Android device or logon to Use the code NUKKO when you register to get a $5.00 credit towards your first purchase. Once you have completed this most important step, come back and read this post. Although I am very new to Poshmark, there are some very important things that I recommend you do first before you post an item for sale or even buy anything.

Once you have successfully registered as a user, I recommend that you do the following before posting anything: First, become familiar with all of the FAQs. Read the Poshmark guidelines and find out what is "Posh Compliant" and what is not. Being "Posh Compliant" is very important and a must if you ever wish to reach the prestigious Suggested User status!! Do a search for Posh Rules, Photography Tips, Creative Cover Shots and check out @official_forum. Also search google for some of the same. You should come across some awesome blogs as well as YouTube videos by veteran poshers. Take notes, bookmark your pages or "like the post", so that you can easily reference it or share it with someone else. Finally, check out various closets, look at their cover shots, read their descriptions, then begin to formulate your own style. Although these are several "steps", I consider this as one big leap. This big step is critical in starting off on the right foot as your begin your own Poshmark Journey.

Start small. Look through your closet and pick out 5 to 10 items that are in style and are in good to excellent/like new or New With Tag (NWT) items that either don't fit, or just aren't your style anymore. "Vet" your items thoroughly. Look for stains, small tears, pulls, piling, etc. Some stains can be removed, if not and not noticeable, you can still list it, but make sure to include this in your description. Also, put it through the "Would I buy this?" Test. Think about the item as if it still fit and was still your style. If you saw this on someone else's closet, is it something you would buy? Has this item seen better days, or does it just need a little TLC and possibly a pressing. Is this a popular brand, a designer brand or in demand brand? If you did your homework in step one, you should have a decent idea of what these brands are. Those items that don't make the cut, bag them up and donate to good will if just out of style or not in demand. Otherwise, just toss them. Do not put them back in your closet. You want to make room for the new items you will be able to purchase with your posh money!! Hopefully, after going through this process you will have 3-8 viable Poshmarkable items.

Don't try to take on the world in a day. Doing your prep work and homework is just as important if not more than creative cover shots and detailed descriptions. By doing your research and laying the proper groundwork, you will be better equipped at deciding what to Posh and what not to Posh. If you just start posting things, you are going to end up with a cluttered Poshmark closet that nobody visits and a lot of missed sales opportunities. We all had to start somewhere and this is where I have found to be the best place to start.

Please stop by and visit my closet @shabbychic45. Follow my journey, give me feedback. Let me know what works or doesn't work for you. I welcome your tips and advice. Be looking for my next blog on creative cover shots including stock photos, flat lays and dress forms. I am still new to Poshmark and working towards Suggested User Status. I have been fortunate to have many mentors guide, advise, direct, and encourage at every phase of my journey. I hope to be able to Pay it Forward and help many new and veteran poshers as well.

Again, if you haven't signed up, please use code NUKKO to receive a $5.00 credit towards your first purchase. Until next time, Happy Poshing!!


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