Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photo Fun

They say pictures can speak a thousand words (they do? that's scary, no telling what these pictures say). Let's just say I am having a "coming out" party. Oh come on now, not that kind of "coming out". I am "coming out" of my shell, trying to be more spontaneous. I have always been quite a bit outgoing and very extroverted, but only when I could show the "good side" of me. You know, the side where your double chin doesn't show, your makeup's perfect and your face is illuminated by lots and lots of candlelight. That's right, you know what I'm talking about. Don't tell me you haven't always wanted to be photographed on your "good side". Thank God for photo editing software. There were some pictures that I took, that actually showed nose hairs. For all of those crackpots, sorry those pictures will NOT be posted. I told Harris to look like he was "interested and to raise one eyebrow". He couldn't seem to raise just one eyebrow, so here is the result. Cute... Creative ingenuity... Flexible Adaptabilty...Sarcastic Brat!!
Is this scared or opera singing??
How about this one? Cool or a "wanna be"? I'll go with the "wanna be".
Finally's not my good side, but it's my fun side...
Have fun, be spontaneous, live life!!