Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Scrapbooking Retreat

What did you do on New Year's Eve 2008? Did you wait up late for the strike of midnight and welcome in the New Year and give your honey the first kiss of the New Year? I would have to say that is what the majority of "normal" people do. I mean, that IS the thing to do. But that isn't what I was doing. I was sleeping or at least trying to. I was trying to get my rest for my first scrapbooking retreat ever. The excitement was in air even though Christmas had come and past. Since New Year's Day fell on a Thursday, we had Thursday and Friday as holidays, which gave me a four day weekend!! The next morning I got up and starting packing, not sure what to take and what not to take. Do I need this punch, what about this journaling pen? And in the world do I decide what paper to pack and what to leave. I didn't want to bring to much, but I certainly didn't want to leave it either. What if I needed it? Any scrapbooker knows just how that is. The perfect embellishment or paper or punch is left at home and your page just isn't what you wanted it to be. Oh, it looks nice enough and for anyone elese to look at it, it would be great, but to you seasoned or not, you KNOW something is missing. Unfortunately, you will always forget something or you will purposely leave something at home, thinking you won't need it, but when the time comes, it is the ONLY thing that would work. Well, after much picking and prodding, I had my bags packed and I was ready to be out the door. I stopped at a couple of scrapbooking stores on my way to the retreat, but talked myself out of buying anything, but this was only because of the economy and the fact that Christmas was just the past weekend and we all know what that does to our budgets!! About an hour and a half later I pulled up to the cute little old bed & breakfast which catered to scrapbookers and was told that I could choose any bed and any table I wanted because I was the first one there. Imagine that...I guess I was just a little excited (do you think?) This weekend was one of the first times I been able to do what I love to do so much without hurting and without the anxiety that comes along with wondering when the next pain spell will come back. I just relaxed, and enjoyed my weekend. Four days without anyone of the male species around!!! Four days being able to share with other ladies the same passion & love I have for this creative way of keeping my memories & the memories of others I love and care for alive. The beds were soft, the food was good, the fellowship was wonderful and the scrapbooking was awesome. I learned a little about how to pack and how to set up, when you are used to having a full room with two 10 foot countertops to a small 8 ft table. That is still a challenge, but I plan on doing this more and more and getting involved with others that understand the passion and obsession of this beloved art.

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