Thursday, March 5, 2009

Glad Tidings of Joy

With sadness, comes happiness. I found out last week that I am going to be a grandmother (well, actually a Mimi, because I way too young to be a grandmother...That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!). Alan called me last week and said that he was going to be a dad. I said "NO WAY" because I thoughted they wanted to wait, but apparently God had other plans for their lives. I think Alan was kind of dissappointed in my response. I certainly didn't mean it like that. I had selfishly hoped that they would wait until he got out of the military and hopefully moved home before they started having babies, but every thing is in God's timing. The sweet precious baby is due October 9th. I just hope that I am able to be there when the baby is born. It would be horrible to miss out on the birth of my first grandchild. I can almost smell the sweet baby head, feel the warm downy skin, see the rosy red cheeks and feel the small hand and fingers wrapped around mine as if to say, "I have you now. You are mine and I am yours.

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