Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol

Well this year's American Idol has started and it seems that all of the crazies have come out of the cracks. My kids love the weirdos, but I feel sorry for some of the contestants. However, some of them are just plain idiots! I mean what radio do they listen to? They certainly aren't listening to the stations I listen to or maybe they are just plain tone deaf. Who feeds these folks egos? Why lead them on, just let them down easy instead of being thrown to the shark Simon Cowell. But I do have to say that I just love to crack up at all of the "crybabies". One guy was crying and he said "Well Simon was just being his usual self and laughing" and they showed Simon laughing with a slow-mo laugh deep and slow!! It was hilarious. One guy pretty much begged his way into the competition. Simon said, "That's what's called being juked". Although these first few episodes are funny, there were some really good contestants such as this one guy whose wife had passed away just 4 weeks before the audition due to childhood heart condition. Also there was a band director and a welder that have pretty good potential as well. These episodes are funny, but I am ready for them to bring on the real talent.

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