Monday, March 10, 2008


My 11 y/o son, Harris, is an awesome artist and pianist. He is currently going to the Glassel Junior School of Arts, which is a division of the Houston Fine Arts Museum. He got a scholarship last year by submitting a portfolio of some of his works. I turned in his portfolio on Friday and should hear back in the next couple of weeks if he received another scholarship. He is so talented. He is just to that age right now where he would rather be playing video games or on the computer than creating and so I am going to have to help him get more of a balance in his life. His talent is definately God given as he has been exceptionally talented since he was a toddler. We always had a cabinet full of crayons, scissors, construction paper, etc. Now we have it full of charcoal pencils, drawing books, sketch pads, acrylic paper pads, charcoal pads, oil pastels, chalk pastels, colored pencils, blending tools, etc. I guess part of being a mother is encouraging your children to continue to strive and practice in what you know are their talents, because they would just give up when it came to practice. Let's face it, who really wants to practice?? Well there may be a few insane folks at there, but generally speaking, no one wants to practice, they just want to play the game. Here are a couple of pictures that he has painted recently. As you can see, he is a wonderful artist and he did these when he was 10!!

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