Monday, March 10, 2008


Chad, my 14 y/o ds, is a wonderful athlete, an excellent student and just an all round great kid. My dh, Kendall, and he take sports very seriously. Kendall spends at least 6-8 hours a week doing strength and conditioning training every week with Chad on top of all of the other practices for the sport of the season that Chad is involved in. Baseball season seems to be the most expensive, because every year he gets a new bat. I not just talking about a $50-$70 bat. No way!! I think the cheapest bat that we have bought has been $175. The older he gets, the more expensive the bat gets. This year's bat cost almost $400!! That's right, $400!!! Oh what I could do with $400. At least we have been able to sell the prior season's bat for about 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price (whoopee...). We used the big bucks we got for the "used" bat to help pay for the new bat. Also, we do get help from my dh's father aka PaPa to help pay for the bat or any other new equipment that he "has to have". Last year, he got a $270 bat and a $100 pair of new baseball cleats, while our front leaded glass door was being held together with duct tape and the varnish had come off and looked like a 25 y/o door. Funny thing is, our home was only 3 1/2 y/o then. Now that was a pretty sight, a beautiful leaded glass door with duct tape holding the pieces of broken glass together being supported by worn looking wood. This year we have gone all out. We have upgraded from duct tape to clear tape. But my dh did refinish the wood, and I have to say did an exceptional job. Now when you stand far enough away, it appears to be a very pretty dark wood leaded glass door, and if you don't look too hard, you might not see the tape on the glass. Baseball Bat $270, Baseball cleats $100, duct tape $3, priorities.......priceless.

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BriteCloud said...

I did not even notice any tape on your door! Way to go, Kendall!

That is so funny about your house. I know that feeling of thinking it's falling down around you. But hey, I've still got scrapbook supplies out the wazoo. And Steve has 3 computers in his office.

The kids don't have to eat ::everyday::, right!