Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making new friends

I recently started working at a local scrapbook store every other Saturday just to support my obessive habit of scrapbooking. I have a real job "job" during the week and then I have a fun job on the weekends and don't have to work every Saturday, so I don't feel overloaded. It is a really great job and I get to share my love of scrapbookers with those that frequent the store. It is great to see people come in to the store that are as passionate as I am about scrapbooking. I really love the people I work with and have started developing some real friendships with my coworkers. I really feel like this job is a "God Thing" because I have an 11 y/o son, Harris, that has been diagnosed has Asperger's Syndrome and it has been hard for him to make friends. He doesn't seem to mind the fact that he doesn't have many friends, but I think done deep it really does make him feel sad and different from the rest of the kids in school. But what makes this so special to be working with these wonderful people at the scrapbooking store is that I have met another very wonderful and creative person who also has a son with Asperger's Syndrome who is the same age as my son. She was able to bring her son over to my home today to play with Harris and they seemed to really have a good time together. They are both are obsessed with Nintendo DS and other video games, so they have "a lot" in common as well. We are going to be getting together again soon and I am looking forward to it. Sometimes I think that God is watching me and that he really doesn't have time for me or care about me, but then He in his perfect grace sends along someone that understands my every struggles and issues. She can identify with my fears and frustrations because she has the same ones too. God works in subtle but very profound ways.

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BriteCloud said...

Beck was so excited to meet Harris. He is already making plans for the next visit.

We feel blessed to know you, too.